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About Cozumel


Aside from its stunning beaches and unique dive locations, the island of Cozumel also has a rich cultural history. The island played an integral role in the Mayan world, serving as a religious and ceremonial center to Ixchel, the fertility God. Historically, Cozumel was also known as the first place in Mexico where a Catholic Mass was held by the Spaniards, occurring during the years of the Spanish Conquest.

In the 1970’s oceanographer Jaques Cousteu arrived to the island, discovering the beauty and life amongst the reefs which surround the entire island. His work in Cozumel caused the island to become a popular diver’s paradise, bringing international fame to its turquoise waters and stunning reefs. Cozumel’s international airport receives daily flights from a variety of airlines across the globe such as Continental, American Airlines, Northwest, Mexicana, and Delta, and also has direct flights from numerous U.S. cities as well as Canada.

The island provides a vast array of recreational activities and entertainment, appealing to a variety of interests and tastes. Situated directly behind Peninsula Grand Cozumel, the Cozumel Country Club features an 18-hole 72-Par Jack Nicklaus designed golf course, attracting players from all over the world. To learn and enjoy more of the Mayan culture, the archeological site of San Gervasio offers visitors the chance to explore the ancient ruins either on their own or with a tour guide, and also can be enjoyed on horseback. The Museum of Cozumel offers interesting artifacts and history of the island and frequently puts on various cultural and folklore events. Scooters, jeeps, dune buggies, and ATVs are all available to cruise across the island and enjoy both the diverse beaches and local atmosphere of the downtown. Both local and international cuisine are available in a variety of unique eateries, as well as fantastic shops where buyers can find the best prices on designer jewelry, watches, and

Cozumel is also the largest port in Mexico and receives more than 400 cruise ships a year. The port’s standards of excellence and welcoming environment are the reason that Cozumel is the most visited island in the Caribbean by cruise lines worldwide.
The island has an excellent climate, with an average annual temperature of 27°C (90°F). The temperature of the water is between 25° and 28°C (88° to 91°F) with a visibility of 80 meters (250 feet), resulting in magnificent opportunities to observe the reefs and aquatic life.

Peninsula Grand Cozumel is on the North side of the island, an area renowned for its tranquility and untouched natural beauty. Despite being just minutes away from the golf course, marina, and airport, the condominiums are far enough away from the downtown shopping area so that noise and passing tourists do not interfere with the serenity of beach front living.



2.1 Cozumel Statistics
Population – 85,000 Inhabitants
Population growth – 4.5% annually
Preponderant Activity - 100% Turism and Commerce
Total visitors per year – 3,800,000

2.2 Annual visitors
a.- Cruises – 2 million people
Of the people arriving by cruise ships, 90% are from the
U.S. and 10% come from Europe. They spend an average of
8 hours on the island and spend an average of $50 per
person. 70% of the passengers participate in excursions or
tours once on land.

b.- Hotels – 350,000 people
Total number of hotel rooms available – 4,500
All-inclusive hotels – 3,000
European meal plan – 1,500
Length of average stay – 5.3 days
Average annual occupancy – 65%

Types of tourism
Diving – 50%
Pleasure – 30%
Honeymoon – 15%
Business – 5%

Nationality of hotel occupants
USA – 60% (TX, CO, GA, NY, NJ, FLA, and NC)
Canada – 15%
Mexico – 15%
Europe and rest of the world – 10%

Direct Flights to Cozumel
Mexico City – Mexicana
Charlotte – Airways
Denver – First Choice
Toronto – Air Canada

c.- Day Excursions/Ferry – 1.2 million people
Half of these people come to the island on tours
purchased through their hotels in Cancun and the
Riveria Maya, and the other half travel to Cozumel
to explore the downtown, visit the beaches, or go
on an occasional excursion.

d.- House and Condos – 250,000 people
Currently the available inventory of houses
and condominiums for rent is around 450 units.
However, there are about 300 more houses
and condos which will be available to rent in the
near future, including Peninsula Grand Cozumel.

The average price of a beach front condo starts
around $ 2,100.00 USD per square meter.

The average weekly price to rent a 3-bedroom beach
front condominium is $ 1,900.00.