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Perhaps you’re considering Peninsula Grand Cozumel simply as your future beach-front retreat. Or you may be interested in the opportunity for financial gain Caribbean real estate offers to investors. Whatever your motivation may be in learning more about Peninsula, be assured that our entire team of developers and associates have one common interest in
mind: you.

In addition to reading more about our current island development here in Cozumel, please find information regarding investment in the Yucatan peninsula and why so many foreigners have chosen the Caribbean as a place to invest. You will also find how easy it is for a foreigner to purchase property in Mexico, and the different ways you can use your condo and amenities to enjoy the island, all while watching your property grow in value. The steps to purchase one of our luxury condominiums are outlined, as well as financing and payment options offered through Peninsula. An updated list of prices and available units are also provided. With over 2 million visitors per year, real estate opportunities in Cozumel are becoming limited. Consider yourself fortunate to be on the brink of such an exciting opportunity. Although financial success is measured in dollars, there is no way to measure happiness…

Open your mind to paradise.
Welcome to Peninsula



3.1 Services and Common Areas
Surface 38,249,55 sq.ft.

2 buildings of 15 levels each, with 2 apartments per level, a total of 60 apartments of 2,400 sq.ft. all of them with a spectacular ocean view.

Reception Lobby.

Gym & SPA with sauna, steam room, showers, sanitarys for men and women.

Club House with Snack-Bar, TV room and game room.

Anti hurricane protection, with Miami rules for buildings of this nature, propylene netting attached to the structure of the building with inoxidable steel anchoring.

Pedestrian walks surrounded by spacious gardens.

Pool, humid bask and little pool with fountainhead.

Pool and sand zone: Equipped with palapas and outdoor furniture with tanning seats.

Beach with sandbox of 100 mts. of beachfront per
20 mts. wide.

Emergency electric generator plant.

Drinking water treatment, to reduce its hardness.

Raw water treatment plant.

Machine room: Electric room with emergency plant and warehouse.

Stairs area: Cabinet for air conditioning condensators and vertical duct for residue removal in each floor.

Each building counts with: Lobby and 2 elevators,
Stairs with crossed wind, Security booth.

3.2 Description of the apartment
Surface of 2,400 sq.ft. (2,044 sq.ft in the interior and 356 sq.ft. in terrace)

All apartments have 3 rooms, each with sea view, private bathroom, master room with walk in closet.

4 full bathrooms (imported furniture & accessories)
Hall or TV hall.
Integral kitchen.
First class finishing.

3.3 Specifications and finishings
Floors: Ceramic paving stone, porcelanate type in beige color.

Concrete Interior Walls and roof platforms: Fine flattening finishing and white color painting. In shower zones, porcelanate walls with ceramic paving stone.

Bathrooms: Include white ceramic piece of furniture for W.C., handwasher, glass mirror (moonshaped) on top of hadwash zone, aluminum storm door with moderate glass in shower, cover for dressing table, bathtub with Jacuzzi (only master room).

Dressers: Conglomerated wood modulars with drawers, station porter and chromium plating tube.

Doors: Flat wood and triplay maple, varnish finishing and lock.

Integral kitchen: Marble covered cabinets, includes oven and electric grill, extraction bell, double sink and mixing keys.

Service room: Washer sink, electric heater.

3.4 Apartment Installations
Telephony: Canalization to feed telephone line.

Television: Canalization to feed local cable service.

Intercom system with vigilance and access control.

Ilumination: Way outs in walls and platforms ready to receive lamps, spotlights and fans.

Air Conditioned: Condensing unit based system, located at the stair area, as well as mini split evaporators.

Terraces: Ceramic paving stone against falls.

Stormdoors: First class with roll up mosquito net, blue tintex 6 mm glass and anti-ciclonic protection with propylene nettings on top of cancels and windows.

It doesn´t include: Refrigerator, washer, dryer, furniture, lamps, fans, decorative elements or curtains.

3.5 Apartment Dimensions
Hall (living room - dining room) - 479 sq.ft.

Terrace (living room – dining room) - 230 sq.ft.

Master Bedroom, bathroom with Jacuzzi and walk in closet
- 573 sq.ft. Terrace (Master bedroom) - 120.5 sq.ft.
2 additional bedrooms, whole bathroom and closet
(256 sq.ft. each)- 530 sq.ft.

Study, whole bathroom - 165 sq.ft.

Integral kitchen - 152 sq.ft.

Service area, sink-clothes washer, heater and space for washing center - 77.5 sq.ft.

Lobby and circulations - 71 sq.ft.

Parking Lot

Warehouse in under level

Total sale area per apartment - 2,400 sq.ft.

3.6 Number of Apartments

60, in 2 towers of 15 levels

3.7 Optional Amenities

Furnishing Packages.

Preferential Member of the Jack Nickaus design 18 hole Golf Course.

Preferential Yacht Club / Marina membership.

Pool Rent Program.

Property Insurance.

Anti-ciclonic curtains for windows with view to the street.

Steward Title titling insurance.